About the book

The introductory chapters and glossary provide invaluable background knowledge and information. In most cases, the book has 1 to 3 full pages for each species, with a series of images and drawings showing all the key features, and the text presenting information on size, colour, diagnostic features, similar species, distribution and life history, commercial and recreational fishing, and human consumption.

For each species, if the information is available, there then follows a description and images of the potential remains; otoliths, vertebrae and other skeletal parts. The usefulness of the various parts for identification is discussed, and formulae for calculating fish length from (e.g.) otolith or vertebral length are provided.

Most of the photographs in the book have been taken by Pisces Conservation and NIOZ staff, showing actual specimens as they are likely to be encountered, rather than an idealised image. Fish remains such as otoliths, vertebrae, premaxillae and cleithra have been very carefully prepared and photographed for maximum detail.

How to buy the book

‘North Sea Fish and Their Remains’, ISBN 978-1-904690-65-8, can be purchased online from Pisces Conservation Ltd or through Amazon.co.uk, for £45 plus postage & packing.

You can view a PDF copy of Chapter 6 (the herring-like fishes; Clupeidae & Engraulidae) here: Chapter6 (Note – the images in the printed book are considerably higher quality than the low-resolution PDF here).

The book covers almost 150 species in detail. The species are arranged into chapters featuring one or several families; the larger chapters each have a key to distinguish individual species. The full chapter list is:

Chapter 1: Hagfish & lampreys
Chapter 2: Sharks
Chapter 3: Skates & stingrays
Chapter 4: Sturgeons
Chapter 5: Eels
Chapter 6: Herring-like fish
Chapter 7: Argentines & smelts
Chapter 8: Salmon & trout
Chapter 9: Lightfishes
Chapter 10: Opahs
Chapter 11: Codfish
Chapter 12: Anglerfish
Chapter 13: Grey mullets
Chapter 14: Silversides
Chapter 15: Needlefish
Chapter 16: Dories
Chapter 17: Sticklebacks, pipefish & seahorses
Chapter 18: Sea scorpions, gurnards, bullheads, lumpfish, poachers & snailfish
Chapter 19: Gobies
Chapter 20: Sandeels
Chapter 21: Wrasses
Chapter 22: Breams
Chapter 23: Sea basses, groupers & perches
Chapter 24: Scads & pomfrets
Chapter 25: Drums & red mullets
Chapter 26: Eelpouts, Arctic blennies, butterfish & wolffish
Chapter 27: Weevers, blennies & dragonets
Chapter 28: Mackerels & tunnies
Chapter 29: Flatfish
Chapter 30: Sunfish & triggerfish